Bubble Lab

How can a two dimensional shape create three dimensional forms? What holds a bubble together as it floats through the air? What makes it fly? Students engineer devices to create water-based bubbles from everyday and uncommon materials and iterate on their designs.

The Bubble Lab goes beyond purposeful play to integrate design thinking and materials science. K – 2 students build complex bubble wands through a discovery-based approach using a variety of media. Students in grades 2 – 5 fabricate a flexible bubble frame to create large-scale bubbles. Students in grades 5 – 8 integrate the invention of a handmade motorized “blower wand” to enhance and further push their engineering mindsets.

This activity is perfect for family engagement events, STEM nights and public programs. The materials involved require a classroom space that can withstand occasional spills of soap-based bubble solution – we recommend cafeterias, gymnasiums or rooms with tile floors.

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