Light Painting Lab

Paint with light, become invisible and stop time – all in the classroom!  FutureMakers transforms your classroom or library into a light painting laboratory, complete with darkroom, professional grade equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Explore the connections between light, time and space –  and learn how digital sensors see – in four dimensions!  All students learn how Light Emitting Diodes work, and create a personal LED “light brush” that they use to make their light paintings.  discover how line, shape, and color take on new significance when combined with the elements of time and movement in three dimensional space.  Teams of students and illustrate super powers and tell stories with beams of light, become invisible, and freeze time! Explore how smartphones, tablets and DSLR cameras can be used to take low light, long-exposure photographs, and learn how time and light combine with optics and sensors to record moments, or many moments, in time.

To learn more, visit Light Street Lights, our community-wide light painting program hosted at schools and libraries during Light City 2018. For pricing, visit our pop-up information page.

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