Mikayla the Robot

Mikayla the Robot (PK – 2)

Young makers join Mikayla as she has to “make” her way to the library. Using FutureMaker’s own illustrated story of “Mikayla the Robot”, makers will read the story of Mikayla as she journeys to the library and needs to use her tools and skills as a maker to face the challenges in her path. Over five days makers will have the opportunity to use materials to creatively problem solve the same issues Mikayla faces and reflect on their journey.  Each in their very own books. This researched literacy-based approach to making is the perfect introduction to making, reading, writing, and problem solving to Pk-2 students in fun and approachable activities!


Day 1 – Our Robot House
Turning lines into shapes, and shapes into forms by building with tubes and connectors.

Day 2 – Robot Paths

Creating a plan for a path that a marble can move through, and building a vertical maze that defies gravity!

Day 3 – Robot Sidekicks

Invent a robot sidekick that moves using air pressure.  Explore how a pull can push, and a push can pull!

Day 4 – Your Robot Tools

Become a robot by enhancing your body with a wearable tool that glows! Investigate simple circuits with LED lights and batteries!

Day 5 – Robot Communication

Create a robot that communicates through drawing!  Combine an electric motor, battery, drawing materials and art media into a wiggling, dancing, drawing machine!

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