Robots, Programming, and Play

FutureMakers can help you and your PK – 2 students activate computational thinking and integrate that thinking into everyday activities that they already know and love!

Designed for classrooms that serve children with emerging or limited literacy skills, our coaches introduce you and your students to a robot called Cubetto and help lay the logical foundation necessary for computational thinking. Children use three elements – a wooden interface board, a rolling wooden robot, and a set of brightly colored instruction blocks that represent code. Combining the blocks with the board allows the user to control Cubetto with simple algorithms – using only shapes and colors!

This workshop series helps build critical early sequencing, collaboration, spatial and directional awareness, problem solving and algorithmic thinking skills through storytelling. Teachers learn how to design creativity-boosting learning experiences that excite and engage, while simultaneously reinforcing literacy, numeracy, and logic skills. Our coaches are guides but you and your young programmers are in the driver’s seat!  No programming experience or computers are necessary and all materials are provided. All experiences are designed to fit a 45 minute to one hour learning block.

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