for agencies

for agencies

Bring snacks to your students! Connect learners and educators through making anywhere.


$2 per snack

5,000 + save 5%

10,000 + save 10%

20,000 + call for discount

Minimum order

500 of one type /  300 of each of  five types (1500 total).


Each includes a guide in English and Spanish for immediate use, and a printed URL for further learning. 


Snacks are safely packed in sealed paper or resealable plastic containers.  All arrive at your distribution point in hygienic cardboard packaging.

Snacks are packed 50 – 200 to a container. We can package in smaller sets for no additional fee. Up to 5000 delivered within one week.  Larger orders please inquire.

Online Resources!

Links to asynchronous Jumprope and Vimeo videos and written Google Doc or PDF guides are available for free at!

One live Zoom or Google Meet webinar per snack type can be scheduled to match your distribution calendar.  Additional webinars can be scheduled for $260 per session.