Bring Snacks to your community!

Make distance learning more engaging for students and families! Designed and tested by our team of educators and makers, Snacks are pre-packaged STEAM education kits that school districts, recreation departments and youth development agencies use to engage PK – 12 students and families and spark invention and innovation at home. From kinetic cardboard creatures to motorized machines, grab-and-go learning is better with Snacks!

Snacks are easily distributed at community meal sites and grab-and-go locations, and are delivered in packaging that makes them easy to add to beal bags, learning packets or Snacks help close the distance learning gap affordably and easily.

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Hands-on blended learning opportunities for PK – 12 students and their family members- in a grab-and-go format. For students with internet access, each snack has an advanced self-paced video guide and pre-scheduled webinars for extended making.


Affordable and Safe

High quality materials for as little as $2 per student. Hygenically packaged and for safe and easy distribution.


Accessible and Equitable

Designed to be used with or without internet access. Materials in English and Spanish.

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