Maker Educator / Lead Coach – DC NOVA (Summer 2019)

To Apply, please submit an application by following this link.

FutureMakers is seeking Lead Coaches – educators and youth development experts with experience as builders, designers, tinkerers, artists, technologists, or makers. FutureMakers coaches use their passions and expertise to design and build original workshops for diverse and varying communities, facilitating innovative, safe and active maker spaces for young people.

We partner with organizations and schools in greater DC and Northern Virginia to provide immersive K – 8 learning labs where  young makers play, experiment, and innovate with real tools and technologies, in material-rich environments.

We’re seeking seasoned maker-educators and youth developers who demonstrate expert team coaches, embrace creative technologies, tools, tinkering and project-based learning.

Levels Taught:
PK – 8th grades, most often in bands of PK & K, 1st & 2nd, 3rd – 5th, and 6th – 8th.

Class size:
Minimum 10, maximum 25.

Instructional Role:
You’ll lead the implementation of unique project-based workshop plans based on a theme, which develop and evolve throughout the workshop duration. Although many of our partner sites are facilitated by single coaches, FutureMakers coaches often work with a Support Coach at sites with larger teams of young makers, or have specifically requested multiple experts on site. Together, you will pre-plan and coordinate roles, instruct, and assess your project’s progress. On site, you report to our partner site manager.

Class Schedules: 

We develop programs that take place in community centers, libraries, schools and community sites.   Schedules are set by your availability, in advance, and are fixed.

Position Options & Compensation:

We offer two types of lead coaching roles during summer, based on your qualifications and availability:

College Track: Full-time, eight weeks (June 24 – August 23rd) leading a pair of content area classes at five community college locations in Maryland, north of DC (Howard, Montgomery, Carroll, Anne Arundel and Harford) $1000/week plus generous travel allowance and paid training.  Classes follow a weekly travel rotation – you’ll visit up to four sites twice, and one site once over the course of up to nine weeks


Enrichment and Pop-up Programs: Part-time – 5 to 30 Program Hours per week, depending on availability.  Eight to ten weeks, following a pre-determined schedule, supporting programs at a set of schools and community locations in DC, Montgomery County, Arlington County and Prince Georges County.  Starting at $40/hr plus travel and paid training.

Job Requirements/Responsibilities:

  • Available June 24 – August 16th, with minimal interruption.
  • Readiness to apply your skills as a Maker-Educator to plan, prep, and present workshops that could include design thinking, basic electronics, traditional woodworking, manufacturing technologies, sculpture,  and a range of tinkering and experimental programs. Please visit our website for examples of current workshops.
  • Adaptable, flexible, and enthusiastic while interacting with groups of elementary and middle school students in informal settings.
  • Ability to assess your progress and troubleshoot challenges.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a Support Coach
  • Daily and semimonthly check-ins and one-page progress reports for each program you lead.
  • Reliable personal transportation to locations in greater MD, and possibly greater DC – the majority of sites we serve are not accessible by public transportation.
  • Pack and transport supplies to partner sites. Organize and request workshop-specific material needs

Candidate requirements:

  • 2+ years of in-classroom, youth development or coaching experience.
  • Familiarity with early childhood, elementary and / or middle school student developmental needs and abilities.
  • Experience as a builder or maker in a variety of 3D media – a huge plus.
  • Excellent coaching and communication skills – with youth, peers, supervisors and community members.
  • Reliable personal transportation and ability to plan on-time arrival  for all assigned programs.
  • Ability to manage and transport materials and maintain a small inventory of provided tools and equipment. Attention to detail and organization in requesting and planning for material and equipment needs.
  • References that tell your story as a educator or coach.

To Apply, please submit an application by following this link.