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Big ideas for new generation of makers


Kids with big ideas crave opportunities to build, experiment, take creative risks and purposefully play – but rarely get to make “stuff”  in school-time settings that satisfies them.  Most of these opportunities happens during uppermost grades, as electives – and we believe that’s far too late. The power of tinkering – a child’s natural state of brainstorming, designing, making, fixing and problem solving – isn’t bound by convention, need or purpose.  What and how we teach draws upon discovery – a core value of traditional craft, contemporary design and futuristic digital fabrication. Explore our curriculum with your child – Woodworking, Tinkering, Digital Fabrication, Physical Computing, Sewing, Electricity, and Family Workshops –  and see what lights up their brain bulb!

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Kids need tools, not just toys

She won’t be able to drive a nail with a game controller.

He can’t swipe and tap on a 2 x 4, and expect it to cut itself.

There’s no undo button for things that break.

We’ve heard the concerns that practical skills – driving a nail, cutting a board, fixing a loose hinge – aren’t being taught early enough. FutureMakers bridges that gap. Self-determination, independence, problem solving and confidence – qualities that underpin a maker’s character – emerges when a young person completes a project that uses their hands, heads and hearts.

FutureMakers Workshops


FutureMakers brings making into “not-school” places – libraries, community colleges, art centers, homeschool groups, community and after-school programs, storefronts, parks – and the list is growing.

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A new kind of classroom - meet our coaches

Industrial arts classes aren’t going to re-appear in most schools.  Computer labs replaced woodshops decades ago.  The stories parents have shared with us about their positive experiences in middle school woodshop and grade school summer camp, recounting the things they made using wood, tools or machines, are the things that our parents and extended families have held on to.


 Let’s pass on the gift of making to our children. FutureMakers can help.

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