Energize Learners and Educators with powerful, purposeful play

We are educators, makers and play designers who build material-rich, equitable and accessible hands-on experiences for all PK-5 learners. Our design and coaching team collaborates with learners, educators and caregivers to invent engineering design challenges that are made to be explored, re-built and kept. Every Spark is tested by school-wide teams in our hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. They’re approved by thousands of young builders – and the adults who love seeing them confidently create, connect and collaborate. Each Spark has potential to ignite imaginations for future makers and innovators.

Designed to learn, built to keep

Sparks are hands-on learning experiences for educators and learners. Each integrates engineering, design challenges, imaginative play and robust components that are made for learners to create and keep. Every Spark – from structures that grow to creatures that talk – are tested by school-wide teams of educators and learners, and can be trusted to engage and excite PK-5 builders. All Sparks come with free coaching resources and slide decks with instructions.

A photo of three FutureMakers Snacks: A Maze, Drawbot, and an Electric Vehicle.


"We have chosen FutureMakers to support our mission of inspiring and preparing K-12 students for STEM education and careers. We use Sparks in K - 2 classrooms to ignite a passion for critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Through the engineering design process, we have witnessed the power of collaborative teamwork as our students tackle real-world problems and see themselves as innovators."

Alisha N. Sparks

Interim Executive Director

Center for Educational Outreach, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

"Students are craving engagement. With Sparks, they are experiencing now what they can’t experience in the regular school year. The resources and slides had great real-world connections to share with students."

Brendan Penn

Magnet Coordinator, 2018-2019 BCPS Teacher of the Year

Woodmoor Elementary School, Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS)

Baltimore, MD

"FutureMakers has made the concept of hand-on STEAM education fun and exciting for the children of DC. The kits sparked joy and were reusable so children could explore their own interpretations of the engineered structures. The pre-made kits were easy to distribute and helped DCPL create fun and safe programs this summer."

Tora Burns

Reading Programs Coordinator

DC Public Library

Washington, DC

"FutureMakers brings meaningful, hands-on STEAM learning to the classroom. The challenges they produce allow students to create and iterate in many different ways. They are not a “one size fits all” but allow students to make on their own terms. The support they provide teachers give them the confidence to get messy and take risks with their students."

Eric S. Cromwell

Coordinator of Elementary Science

Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore, MD

Experiences that engage

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Our team of playful learning coaches virtually visit classrooms and learning events by organizations who understand the power of personal connection. So educators and program leaders spend less time planning projects and more time building and fostering learner potential — with a buddy. Learners gain influential time with adults who are clear, confident and present.

A young learner testing a new, unannounced Snack in the FutureMakers PlayLab

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A young maker building an Art Machine using the FutureMakers Printed Guide.