sparks joy.
We design hands-on playful engineering experiences for you and your learners.

Educator joy is essential.

If you're an educator, you are the center of our world. We know that learners in your school classroom, library or extracurricular program are most engaged and successful when they know they're creating something about and for themselves. We know you are at your best when you're confident, fully supported and experiencing joy alongside your learners. We created Sparks so you and your learners have made-to-keep playful engineering projects that are accessible, affordable and closely support the guidance and instruction you're responsible for.

Playful engineering benefits all learners.

Since 2011, FutureMakers has grown from a Baltimore-based maker education learning services company into a leading source of hands-on learning products and educator support across the US. Our mission - to spark playful hands-on learning - focuses on educators confidently integrating engineering, tinkering, making and play in their lessons.   Sparks are imagined, designed, and tested with PK - 8 learners and educators from all learning environments, with a special emphasis on urban and rural classrooms, English language learners and individuals with identified learning disabilities.  Every FutureMakers Spark is designed to build confidence through hands-on creation, include choices that activate learner agency and identity and reinforce content understandings and skills while shaping social and emotional development through collaborative open-ended play.

Playful engineering supports whole-learner growth.

We believe that social-emotional learning (SEL) is integral to playful engineering. We inspire and coach our partner educators to discover how learner-centered project-based explorations can encourage positive communication, increase learner engagement, and model-independent problem-solving in their classrooms and programs.  We know that hands-on learning, taught through the lens of SEL, plays an important role in youth development and how educators and caregivers build relationships with learners. By focusing on process success, facilitation, rewarding efforts through guidance and feedback, and encouraging collaboration and self-management, Sparks help educators and caregivers integrate SEL with STEAM throughout their day.